Why Cochise County?!?

Hidden Treasures RV Park is the place for Birders, Mountain Bikers, Hikers, and our night sky at 4000 foot elevation sparkle like diamonds. The skies at this elevation are clear of pollution and the Milky Way jumps right out at you.

The Chiricahua Mountains provide a migration corridor for water fowl and warm weather birds as well. This mountain range rises above the surrounding desert through seven life zones. Providing a wide range of ecosystems and a variety of plant, animal and bird species. Cochise county is one of only two sites in the US where the bird known as Elegant trogon nests, and it is also home to 16 varieties of hummingbirds. 

We have views of the Chiricahua Mountains as well as other mountains in the distance. The area is prime for literally hundreds of bird species. Cochise County, Arizona, famed for being base camp to Birding Aficionados from all 50 states. The area is chalk full of many species of wild life.
Come stay with us. Bring all your RV club your friends and relatives. It is a beautiful place for a golf weekend. You can relax over at the 19th hole, have a hamburger and a beer or just lie about your best golf score.

This country is steeped in the history of the Old West. The famed town of Tombstone is less than
50 miles away. Tucson, Arizona is only a 1.5 hour drive, while the Mexico border is only minutes to the south. Rivers, canyons, and mountains are all within easy driving distance.